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Super Bowl Super Showcase

Real Hulk Records Opens its new Real Hulk Soundstage on Super Bowl Sunday

Music Artist Super Bowl Showcase

All the Info: 1. Age 18+ 2. Please bring your music on USB, Phone or email realhulksoundstage@gmail.com 3. All artist get 2 songs 4. When you get in the venue ask for Bruce to find out when you go on stage, 5. The doors open at 6 pm, show starts at 9pm and the venue closes at 2 am so please get there before Mid-night 6. Like more Time than bring 10 guests to the show you will get a 15 min set 7. Can't bring 10 guests and you still wanted more time to talk to Bruce when you are checking in 8. The winners will be announced at the end of the night we always pick our top 5 artist 9. Please try to bring people always a great show when we got a good crowd 10. There no dress code venue charges everyone, Everyone $20 to enter the venue and it's FREE TO PERFORM 11. There too many sign-ups to make a personal flyer for each artist but if you need a personal flyer cost is $11 12. If you like a flyer just Pay $11 to cash app $Vr215 after making payment then email me back two pictures and your stage name, I'll get the flyer to you as soon as possible LIL WANYE VERSE ON SALE GO TO NEXTTORISETOUR.COM FOR INFO

Real Hulk Soundstage

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Real Hulk Records is a New and Innovative Music Label. Based out of Philadelphia, We are looking for new and undiscovered talents. The type of artists who are looking to take their career to the next level with hard work and dedication.  Whether you are looking for management which is provided thru RHE or a label, Real Hulk Records we provide both services. We are now a major force, that will be heard from.

51 9th St. Suite G1 Chester Pa 19013, USA

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